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Enter the world of innovation with Conselis.Cloud. From advanced cloud solutions to high-performance security services, we are building a digital future that is not only technologically advanced, but also secure and reliable.

Discover Full Support

Strengthen your business with Conselis' full support. From advanced cloud integration to Microsoft, AutoCAD and Withsecure sales and integration, along with efficient license management and custom hardware.

Advanced Cloud Integration

Conselis leads the way to advanced cloud integration, where your business benefits from seamlessly integrated cloud applications. We understand the complexities of modern business operations and provide a smooth transition to an optimized cloud environment that increases your efficiency and maximizes flexibility.

Expertise in Sales and Integration of Microsoft, AutoCAD and Withsecure

With Conselis, you have access to extensive expertise in the sales and integration of Microsoft software, AutoCAD and Withsecure security solutions. We offer customized solutions that perfectly fit your business needs, leveraging the power of these software packages.

Custom Hardware Support

Conselis offers custom hardware support perfectly tailored to your specific requirements. From high-performance servers to specialized workstations, we provide hardware that supports the integration of your software and cloud applications. You get customized solutions that fit the unique needs of your business.

Efficient License Management and Ordering

License management and ordering need not be a headache. Conselis organizes and orders licenses efficiently, keeping your software environment always up-to-date and in compliance with regulations. We take the complexity out of license management, allowing you to focus on your core business.

An array of resources

Conselis IT Support has a diverse range of professional services that caters to a diverse group of clients, from individuals to small and medium-sized businesses.

Why Get Started with Microsoft Office 365 and OneDrive Cloud Integration

  • Access to powerful Office apps.
  • Seamless collaboration with real-time co-authoring.
  • Work flexibly with cloud storage via OneDrive.
  • Improved communication with Outlook and Teams.
  • Advanced security and compliance.
  • Easy app management with Microsoft 365 management portal.
  • Available training and support.
  • Scalability for business growth.

What does With Secure stand for

  • Advanced security solutions.
  • Customized license modifications.
  • 24/7 monitoring and response.
  • Security Awareness Training.
  • Compliance guarantee.
  • Threat analysis and risk assessment.
  • Reporting and dashboards.
  • Personalized security strategy.

Autodesk licensing benefits at Conselis

  • Legitimate Autodesk licenses and updates.
  • Customized advice for your needs.
  • Easily purchase and manage licenses.
  • Access to various design tools.
  • Licensing options for any size of organization.
  • Maximum utilization with professional guidance.
  • Support and Training

Why Order Hardware from Conselis for Your Total Integration

  • High Quality.
  • Direct Cooperation with Wholesalers.
  • Customization for Your Specific Needs.
  • Servers, Workstations and Network Equipment.
  • Scalability for Business Growth.
  • Full Integration with Software and Cloud Applications.
  • Simple Management through Conselis.
  • Reliable Support and Warranties.

At Conselis, we are a dynamic team of two driven professionals, determined to bring our vision to life. Despite our modest size, we have combined the power of passion, dedication and collaboration to deliver top quality results.

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Enter the future of IT support with Conselis, welcoming both large and small businesses. Contact us today and let us empower your organization with cutting-edge IT solutions.

Discover the Power of Conselis

Microsoft-Certified Excellence: Conselis, as an official Microsoft Partner, provides access to cutting-edge technologies and innovative solutions. From seamless integration with Microsoft 365 to powerful Azure cloud services, we guide and support you every step of the way.

Complete Hardware Supply: As your one-stop shop for IT solutions, we can provide you with high-quality hardware. Working directly with reputable wholesalers, we provide servers, workstations and networking equipment that meet your specific requirements.

Robust Security: Together with Withsecure, we focus on ensuring the security of your data. Our experts provide customized network security solutions, including firewall implementations and intrusion detection systems.

License management: We also take license management seriously. Our expert ensures that your software licenses are fully compliant with the latest guidelines and regulations, so you don't have to worry about legal complications.

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